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I have long enjoyed your website. Keep up your great work, Ben!

Gary Bencivenga (Universally acknowledged as the world's greatest living copywriter)

I've only been a subscriber for about 2 weeks now and already gained a few tips that will add thousands to my income.

Justin Brooke

I'm so busy but there's some guys like Ben Settle w/incredible daily emails that I always read.

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...the results I've been getting on emails I've written (from using your free tips) have astounded my employers. In some cases we've actually had DOUBLE the response (and more than doubled sales) just from revamping old emails with your advice. Last week, a slightly changed email with a new Settle-friendly subject went out to a list of 42,147 people. Previously this email had made about $1.10 per person on the list. The new slightly altered version made about $2.40 per person. On a 40,000 person list, that increase made the company over $50,000 EXTRA, unexpected dollars, in a single mailing!

Kelly Tanguay