Official Record Release Date – May 1, 2024

We are so excited to have an official release date for the Tom Bukovac & Guthrie Trapp record! We simply can not wait for you to hear it. If you have a fraction of the amount of fun listening to it as we had making it, that will be a success for us.

Tom and I feel like we made this music for all the right reasons – no record label pressure or deadlines and no creative restrictions of any kind. We just have a lot of fun playing together. It all came together very naturally as we just sat down and started recording these songs. It’s always very satisfying making music with your closest friends who just so happen to be some of the finest musicians on earth. What a bonus!

We will continue to promote this record release with some fun sneak peeks and behind the scenes content on both of our YouTube channels as well as all my social media platforms. A lot of people have been asking if the record will be released on vinyl – and the answer is yes, it will! We will let you know as soon as the pre-order links are ready. Click the green bar below to receive email notifications for when the CD, download, and double LP become available.

Thanks so much, friends! We are stoked!!

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Tom Bukovac & Guthrie Trapp record “IN STEREO” official release date announced! BIG NEWS! 

MAY 1, 2024! Save the date! We are so thrilled to have an official release date! It’s been long enough!

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