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Taught by a professional, not a professor. Experience is key!

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My approach to teaching guitar is based on the true spirit of making music–focusing on melody, harmony, rhythm and a strong chord foundation.

Teaching key fundamentals in sequence combined with ear training provides you with the tools to unlock the guitar fretboard and express yourself freely in all genres.

Some things we’ll get into:

  • All 5 chord shapes and how to outline them
  • The 4 “Sounds” Major, Minor, Major 7, and Dominant 7
  • Triads and hearing the 1-3-5
  • Connecting chords, arpeggios, and scales
  • How chords and triads are directly related to LEAD guitar playing
  • Improvising, phrasing, and creating your own melodies
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These methods will set you on a musical path you can confidently follow for the rest of your life. Let’s have some fun!

Tier 1 – Online

$262.50/hour (5% Transaction Fee Included)

One-on-one Zoom lessons from anywhere in the world. Direct download recording of the full lesson provided. Strong stable internet connection required. Laptop recommended vs smartphone or tablet.

Tier 2 – In Person

$525/hour (5% Transaction Fee Included)

One-on-one in person lessons at my home studio in Nashville. This allows for a more personal experience and musical connection where we can actually play together in real time. Full HD video and high-quality audio lesson footage provided via DropBox links.

The Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience

Living in Music City is a daily adventure to say the least! The Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience was created by combining the colorful Nashville lifestyle, world-class guitar education, and a whirlwind tour of Guitar Town through the lens of one of its biggest ambassadors.

“If there was a better music town on the planet, we would all be living there!”

Tier 3 – Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience Half Day

$2362.50 (5% Transaction Fee Included) | 11am-4pm

Join me for a half-day exploring the best places to eat, drink, listen to live music and of course, a two-hour deep-dive guitar lesson. We will also do VIP tours of Nashville’s world famous guitar shops.Here’s what this looks like:

Meet at 11AM for coffee and breakfast, get to know each other, and talk all things music. This is followed by the two-hour guitar lesson. Next, we have lunch and do a whirlwind tour of Nashville. This is all flexible and can be tailored to your desired schedule as well.

*Food and beverage not included in fee

Tier 4 – Nashville Guitar Immersion Experience Full Day

$3675 (5% Transaction Fee Included) | 10am to 10pm

This is a full day and evening spent together exploring the exciting Nashville lifestyle. We meet at 10AM to have coffee and breakfast and get to know each other as we discuss life and music. Next, we do two hours of deep-dive guitar lessons. We then have lunch and can use this time to go over any questions you might have after the lesson.  We’ll jump into the full tour of Nashville that afternoon followed by a little break to regroup before a nice evening dinner and live music for the night.

*Food and beverage not included in fee

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Half and Full Day Nashville Guitar Immersion Experiences come with a 30-minute phone call consultation prior to confirming.

For all bookings and scheduling,
please email bookings@guthrietrapp.com