Time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s that time of year again and the holidays are in full swing.

As this season approaches faster every year, it can seem challenging to find thoughtful and creative gift ideas for our loved ones. We would like to encourage you to share the gift of music!

Now through December 3rd 2023, lesson tiers 1 and 2 plus all merch and records are 20% off!

(Discount automatically applies when purchased online)

Private Lessons
20% Off!

I like to teach the true spirit of making music and not get bogged down with complex and downright confusing theory.

“Taught by a professional not a professor” has become sort of a tagline for this teaching approach. Lets get right down to the life-changing tools that will allow you to have freedom on the fretboard and express yourself musically!

Purchase a lesson online and email bookings@guthrietrapp.com for all scheduling and any questions.

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Tier 1 – Online

One-on-one Zoom lessons from anywhere in the world. Direct download recording of the full lesson provided. Strong stable internet connection required. Laptop recommended.

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Tier 2 – In Person

One-on-one in person lessons at my home studio in Nashville. This allows us to play together in real time! Full HD video and high-quality audio lesson footage provided via DropBox links.

Online Courses

In addition to private lessons, I have a full curriculum with ArtistWorks and two TrueFire courses! We are super excited to offer these so please check out the promos below!


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Happy Holidays from the Trapp family!