A few years ago, John Randall Stewart, Jimmy Wallace and myself were having a drink late one night at a local bar here in Nashville (Yes it’s true).

We were discussing the music business, as you could imagine, and started talking about how we should just get together and play some time. We thought about who we could get to come over and just hang and play one night.

We called upon Jessi Alexander, Mike Bub and Larry Atamanuik. The fit was so natural and felt so great, we knew we had something special.

That night 18 South was formed and we haven’t looked back! The band is a wonderful combination of great writing, singing, and musical virtuosity. The music is soulful, southern roots with hints of Latin, jazz, funk, bluegrass, country, rock and soul.

18 South recorded an EP and continue to play once a month or so at the world famous Station Inn here in music city. We also play many festivals across the country, including Telluride Bluegrass festival, Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite, CA and others. Although sort of a part time band for us, we still continue to gain fans, rock the house, and move forward with this super group.

I have also recently had the joy of joining up with Michael Rhodes and Pete Abbott to form our trio we call TAR (Trapp, Abbott & Rhodes). This has proven to be a great outlet for us all. I’m having so much fun with this trio right now. It’s a way for us to freely express ourselves with absolutely no musical boundaries. It’s as rocking and crazy as you want to get and as subtle and dynamic as well. There will be much more music to be heard from this awesome trio.

As well as these joint ventures, I have the honor of being a first call hired gun for Shawn Camp, Tim O’Brien, and John Oates. I am very lucky, because with these being more of a supportive role as a band member, I’m still given total freedom to play what I feel on these gigs and sessions. (Staying tasteful and true to the given song, of course!) That is a great feeling to have when walking on stage. Like a painter with a blank canvas. These guys know how to make music and are a blast to play with and be on the road with as well. They are top notch human beings. And the music is groovin’, soulful and just as good as it gets. I am proud to be a part of their music and call them my friends as well. Be sure and check out my YouTube channel for clips with all of these artists. (INSERT LINK )

Let the adventures continue!
Guthrie Trapp