Hey Y’all,

There’s a new article in Billboard magazine all about the Pistol Annies (Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley).

The article is a great read. Recording on the new Pistol Annies album (due out May 7 — definitely check this one out!) was one of the highlights of 2012 for me.

It was an incredible experience recording with some of the best musicians in town as well as three of the most soulful and powerful vocalists you’ll ever encounter.

Well, here’s a quick excerpt from the article where the writer, Ray Waddell, mentions the musicians on the album and I get a little love from Miranda, Ashley and Angaleena. Let’s just say I’m having a good day getting to read something like this about my contribution to such an amazing album of music:

Reporter: I have to say something about the pickers on this record; it’s almost like a fourth Annie, with lots of creative contribution.

Angaleena: We trust ’em and we encourage ’em to go wild.

Miranda: We’re like, “go as far as you can, and if we have to rope you in, we will.”

Ashley: One of the guitar players is a guy named Guthrie Trapp, he’s been playing with me live some lately, and he’s badass. When you unleash him and say, “hey, it’s ok, you don’t have to be professional,” when he lets go, it’s magic.

Angaleena: I think his guitar playing on this record is gonna go down in history. The first day we were in there, he was playing like every lick he knew, all over the place, almost like he felt like he had to be perfect or polished, and we’re like, “uh, that’s so amazing, but get a little bit more stupid.” It was like he was the new guy, we already had this clique and he wasn’t in it.

Miranda: He’s damn sure in it now.

Angaleena:­ ­I was like, “here’s the thing, play half the notes, but play every note like you mean it from the depths of your soul,” and after that, he went in there and just kicked in. Like Tom T. Hall says, the less words the better. One of the hardest things about art is trying to edit yourself.

Want to read the entire article? Head here!