Hello everyone! The big day has finally arrived!

We cannot tell you how thrilled, excited and proud we are to finally be releasing this record to you all!

Tom and I hope that you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed creating it. We’re also in some seriously great company with many of our favorite musical compadres that always play their asses off and raise the bar for us all.

This record came to be because of the sheer joy of making music and the love of collaborating. No corporate pressure, deadlines or trying to fit in whatsoever.

Each one of you contributed to this project as well with your inspiring positive energy and support which means the world to both of us.

We want every song on “IN STEREO” to take you on a wild ride, so have a blast listening and don’t be afraid to turn it up!

The adventure continues!


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Behind The Scenes Photos


Featured Video

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Uncle Larry & Cousin Trapp 

Just sharing this little behind the scenes promo video for fun! Thanks to our friend Brett Papa for filming.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you​.”

– BB King