Hey friends,

First off, I want to extend my appreciation for taking the time to check out these newsletters.

We have a lot of fun creating them and to be honest the percentage of people that actually open ours and read it is extremely high compared to most.

Thank you!

As you know, we went to NYC last week for the first time under my own name with the trio. This was super exciting for me and the guys, Jordan Perlson and Tim Marks.

It was also a bit of an experiment to see if we could draw a crowd there. I was honestly a little nervous.

Well, it couldn’t have gone better from wheels up to wheels down. We had smooth flights, all the bags made it, and we checked into a great hotel close to the venue (The SoHo Grand where we ran into Dave Chapelle also).

Much to our delight, we sold out both nights and moved a bunch of merch. But even better, we made a ton of new friends by bringing our homemade music to this legendary venue, The Bitter End, where we now have a home. The owner is an awesome guy and we’ve become good friends at this point. This is what it’s all about!

I started going to NYC when I was 18 and have played there many times. All the late night TV shows with Patty Loveless, Radio City Music Hall with Jerry Douglas and Paul Simon, tons of shows with John Oates and now with our trio.

I find NYC to be super exciting, interesting, fun and overwhelming in all the best ways possible. I always have a total blast there and have some of the most inspiring conversations ever. I love the people. They aren’t assholes. They’re just in a hurry!

We’re excited to return July 16th & 17th and we are hoping to bring some very special surprise guests with us. We’ll keep you posted!

NYC Photo Highlights

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Show Alert!

If you’re in the Nashville area April 12th, don’t miss the Shawn Camp Band at Fox and Locke in the beautiful town of Leipers Fork.

Shawn is a world-class songwriter and picker and playing with this band is one of the most enjoyable things that I get to do. Thats’s how it’s supposed to be – making great music with our dear friends.

The band features Pete Wasner on keys and vocals, Mike Bub on bass, Larry Atamanuik on drums and Jimmy Stewart on dobro and vocals. Hope to see you there!

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Clinic Reminder

April 19th & 20th I’ll be cruising up to Cincinnati for the second annual Deep Dive Guitar Clinic hosted by Sean McGary and The Music Salon.

We did one last year and it was a blast with a great group of guys and done right. The capstone performance Saturday night is a highlight for all as well as the two-day workshops leading up to it. There are still some spots left, so come join us!!

The Music Salon Deep Dive 2 Flyer

Featured Video

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Bitter End NYC –Bonus Footage 

Here are a few audience phone clips just to share what the vibe was like in New York City!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why​.”

– Mark Twain