Hey everybody,

I’ve just started doing some guitar lessons with folks over Skype, and it’s going really well. So I wanted to open this up to any of you out there who are interested in learning some of the stuff I play.

Basically, thanks to the web, we can do lessons no matter where on Earth you are as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer. Download Skype, make sure you’re webcam is working and away we’ll go.

I offer two types of lessons:

One-hour lessons are $60. We can cover virtually anything you’re wanting to learn.

I also offer a more open-ended lesson for $100. We’ll go for longer than an hour and I’ll throw everything I can think of your way. We’ll get your questions answered. This kind of lesson gives us a chance to relax and just go back and forth for a solid chunk of time.

If you’re interested, let’s figure something out — email my scheduling assistant Peter and we’ll get started.

(One thing you’ll definitely want if you do Skype lessons is an easy way to record them. If you’re on a Mac, download Call Recorder. If you have a Windows PC, Skype Auto Recorder is a good option.)

You can check my lessons page for more info.