My good buddy and master songwriter and guitar player, Dylan Altman has a new YouTube series called “Soul Stew” and I’m proud to be his guest on episode #4!

Dylan hails from New Jersey and is a wonderfully unique character with a great sense of humor and passion for all things music. He’s a hell of a blues guitar player and singer, but also makes a living writing hits on Music Row for artists such as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Chase Bryant and many others.

Soul Stew is a combination of Altman’s love of music, food and cooking. We talk about all things music and life while Dylan cooks up a meal inspired by the individuality of the given guest. It’s always a blast doing these types of activities that our creative friends dream up!

Be sure to check it out!

NYC Shows Reminder!

Don’t forget The GT Trio will be doing two nights at The Bitter End July 16 & 17. There are still some tickets available, so get yours while you can!

We absolutely love playing this legendary venue and feel it’s a home away from home for us now.

The club has a super vibey atmosphere and is very conducive for musical creativity having hosted a slew of legendary performances and live recordings on its stage. It’s a great hang all the way around.

We can’t wait to see you in NYC!


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What Gear Do We Really Need?

A little food for thought on the whole gear thing.

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